When to Call an ambulance?

When to Call an ambulance?

Nothing in this world is more precious than human life. And a great contributor to saving these precious lives is the ambulance service. An ambulance enables emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to a patient by providing transport to the hospital to the nearest medical facility. It is to be remembered that an ambulance is not an option if you want to go for regular check-ups or treatment, but it should be called only in case of an emergency.

When to Call an Ambulance?

If you are in a situation that you are uncertain about whether you should call an ambulance or not, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the patient’s condition life ­threatening? Can the patient wait until the physician arrives at home or his condition will get worse?
  • Does the patient’s condition ask for equipment of paramedics or skills or emergency medical technicians?
  • Can you stabilize the patient’s condition by providing first aid and take more time to drive to a hospital or it is getting more severe?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,”. You should call an ambulace service in the next minute. Sometimes, driving the patient yourself to the hospital may be quicker than calling and waiting for an ambulance but it is a question of conveyance. In all cases, ambulance service serves this purpose in the best way by sending alerts to the emergency department before fetching a patient, whilst providing all necessary facilities to ensure the safety of the patient on road.

The most common reasons for calling ambulance service in Dhaka are; fainting, difficulty in breathing, chest or abdominal pain, change of mental status, severe or sudden pain anywhere in the body, dizziness, weakness, bleeding that isn’t stopping, vomiting, etc. If you feel you are having any of the above symptoms you should call the ambulance service Dhaka.

How to call an Ambulance? 

Usually, there are emergency call numbers for Ambulances services in Dhaka. But they can also be rented through websites or webpages.

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