Uses of crane in construction in bangladesh

Uses of crane in construction in bangladesh

Cranes have a long history in construction works. It is one of the most used construction equipment. They are essentially used for lifting and moving materials, heavy equipment and other building elements from place to place. Depending upon there type and purpose, Cranes can differ from a simple rope pulley mechanism to a tower crane fixed to the top of a skyscraper. However, to choose what type of crane will suit a particular site and address the requirements will depend on the following factors:

  • The type of loads that are to be lifted.
  • The vertical and horizontal distances need to be covered.
  • The radius of the swing.
  • The period assigned for the lifting operations.
  • The degree of mobility required.
  • The type of concreting plant that will be used in conjunction with the crane


Types and Uses:

There are essentially six types of cranes used in the construction industry. Their most common uses are stated below.

Tower Cranes: A tower crane is the first thing you would notice at a construction site. They are bolted into specially built concrete foundations. They can lift to 20 tons and operate at heights between 230 to 270ft.

Telescopic Cranes: A telescopic crane has a telescopic arm that is operated using strong hydraulics. These cranes are convenient as they can perform a variety of tasks. Usually mounted on the back of trucks that can be stabilized using arms that swing out from the bottom.

Crawler Cranes: These cranes are smaller versions of tower cranes, but they have their track. They move slowly so they can be good at distributing weight. This is the reason these cranes are preferred for preparing unstable grounds in marshy areas.    

All-Terrain Cranes: These cranes are required at places where crawler cranes with its tracks cannot go. This is because the truck on this crane has many sets of wheels and is broken up into segments to make it easier to drive on any type of terrain.

Rough Terrain Cranes: Rough terrain cranes are mounted to a smaller truck that has four large tires on it. These cranes are generally used in rough terrains to lift very heavy loads.

Aerial Cranes: Aerial cranes are long helicopters with a rectangular hole cut out in the centre. These cranes can carry a surprisingly huge amount of cargo and are used in construction, demolition, and rescue jobs.


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