Trucks of Different Sizes and Weight Capacity

Trucks of Different Sizes and Weight Capacity

Do you know how are trucks classified? For which truck types you will need a special license? What truck type is most commonly used? And how are they different from each other? This article will discuss in detail the classification of trucks on the basis of their size and weight capacity. This will help you choose the right truck type of its right job.

Trucks are classified on the basis of GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). It indicates the maximum truck weight and its maximum load-carrying ability. This classification is used by both government agencies and the commercial sector to classify and hire trucks.

Trucks Classification

According to this classification, there are essentially 8 classes of trucks that can be categorized into three main groups.

Light Trucks

Classes 1 through 3 are considered “light”, they typically cover non-commercial vehicles. Their maximum load capacity is 6000lbs. Their examples include SUVs, minivans, cargo vans, pickup trucks, etc.

Medium Trucks

The medium truck classification includes Classes 4, 5, and 6. That’s where you will mostly find commercial trucks. Their weight capacity falls between 10,000lbs to 26,000lbs. Their examples include large Pickup trucks, Delivery Trucks, Bucket trucks, Beverage Trucks, etc. Though some of these trucks are designed for non-commercial use, most of them are made and used for commercial purposes.

Heavy-Duty Trucks

The heavy-duty truck classification includes Classes 7 and 8. It’s where you’ll mostly find the heavy-duty rigs and other commercial vehicles. They have a whopping 33,000lbs weight capacity. Their examples include Dumpers, Sleepers, garbage trucks, etc. They are designed for ‘Severe Duty’.

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