How Much Does a Rental Truck Costs?

How Much Does a Rental Truck Costs?

Trucks cover a great portion for moving the world. Not in terms of transportation, but for logistics and supply chain. Though mostly trucks are used at industrial or large scales, there can be instances, where you will need to use a truck lagbe service. That can be for shifting your multi-story office, or your family home all by yourself. Trucks serve a great option for both one-way and local moves and also save a lot of money, but there are still several factors that will affect the overall cost. This article will shed light on how much does a rental truck cost.

Typical Average cost to rent a moving truck

The total cost of a pickup truck rent in Dhaka falls between 20$ to 200$ depending upon the following factors:

Small Truck Mid-sized Truck Large Truck
Truck size 10ft-15 ft. 15 ft-25 ft. 20 ft-30 ft.
Number of bedrooms Max 2 Max 3 Min 3
Cost per mile $0.50–$1 $0.50–$1.20 $0.50–$1.50
Price per day $25–$35 $35–$75 $75–$95
Price per trip $100–$300 $150–$500 $600–$3000


Hidden charges when renting a moving truck

In addition to the above-mentioned prices, some hidden charges also contribute to the final billing, these include:

  • Truck rent insurance: Truck Insurances protect you against any accidents that may occur while you’re driving the truck.
  • Excess mileage fees: You will always have a set number of miles you can travel exceeding to which bears extra charges.
  • Day of the week: There are peak hours and working days in all industries. It usually costs more to rent a truck on the weekend than on a weekday.
  • Gas fees: When you’re returning a rental truck, it’s your ethical responsibility to refill the tank with the same amount of gas it had when you received it.

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