Things to Consider Before Hiring a Taxi Cab near Airport

There can be plenty of reasons to travel to a new city or country. You might have planned family vacations, an important business meeting to attend, a family gathering like the marriage of your favorite cousin, etc. No matter why you travel, you will always end up at an airport looking for suitable airport taxi […]

What Types of car is best for monthly car rent

Whether you are thinking about an extended vacation, planning a tour to the countryside with family, driving across the country, or simply wanting to tack on a few leisurely weekend getaways during a monthlong business trip,¬†BD Rental¬†offers monthly car rent and long-term car rental options at affordable pricing and easy terms. Why Monthly Car Rental? […]

Charges of Taxi Service from Airport (In Bangladesh)

Your most difficult part of your journey to a new city or country is said to be the time you spend between your destinations and the airport, but it does not always need to be as difficult as you think. The airport taxi service plays an important part in this. Half of your flight tiresome […]

Why You Should Rent a Car for Your Office Pick and Drop

rent a car dhaka

What is more tiring than a shift of continuous eight hours of work? Driving from office to home every day in city traffic for long hours. Are you facing similar problems? Do you want to escape that traffic so that you can utilize that time in a better way? Do you wish you could relax […]