Air Ambulance Cost/Price List

BD Rental┬áprovide air assistance to patients, victims, and people in remote areas in the situations of organ transplant, natural disasters, massive accidents, medical emergency, fire extinguishing, etc. That is why, our air ambulance services are of great advantage to the hospitals, rescue department, security departments, and fire force, etc. By taking advantage of our air […]

When to Call an ambulance?

Nothing in this world is more precious than human life. And a great contributor to saving these precious lives is the ambulance service. An ambulance enables emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to a patient by providing transport to the hospital to the nearest medical facility. It is to be remembered that an ambulance is not an […]

Why are Ambulance rides so Expensive?

Honestly speaking, no one loves to be in a state where he/she would need to call an ambulance service. It because of two reasons; firstly, nobody loves to see their close ones getting rushed to the hospital, and secondly ambulance services are very expensive these days. They do save our lives. But at what cost? […]

How to Hire an Air Ambulance in bangladesh?

The importance of emergency air ambulance services can be e estimated from the fact that they are hired in situations requiring immediate medical attention and emergency transport. There is no alternative to these services when it comes to rescue operations in remote regions or areas where land movement is very slow. Several companies thus have […]