How to Rent a Covered Van? : things to know before renting a covered van

Whether you are shifting your home/office or cleaning the old storage, budget covered vans are always the best choice to make. Most of these vans offer both local and one-way cargo van rental for 1+ days. They are both affordable and easy to get along for one day job. Key Features: Most promising of our […]

Why Covered Vans are Safe for Transporting Goods

A covered van can be defined as a medium-sized motor vehicle with perfect combinations of space, mileage, and transportability. These vans are often referred to as light commercial vehicles, as they are considered as a very suitable option for transporting goods. Covered vans are designed in typically without side windows in the rear part. They […]

Types and Sizes of Covered Van Available in Bangladesh to Rent

Working out which size van would be the best suitable for your requirement is a very tricky or rather seemingly impossible job. If in case you order a bigger van than the one that would have been enough, you will have to pay extra charges. To make your life easier, we’ve put together a comprehensive […]

How to Rent a Truck : things to know

Rental trucks are an easy and affordable way for both transporting lots of small objects at once and hauling large items that would otherwise be difficult for you to budge. They play a crucial part in transporting logistics and finished products in supply chains in all the countries. Though the rental process of a truck […]

When to Call an ambulance?

Nothing in this world is more precious than human life. And a great contributor to saving these precious lives is the ambulance service. An ambulance enables emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to a patient by providing transport to the hospital to the nearest medical facility. It is to be remembered that an ambulance is not an […]

Why are Ambulance rides so Expensive?

Honestly speaking, no one loves to be in a state where he/she would need to call an ambulance service. It because of two reasons; firstly, nobody loves to see their close ones getting rushed to the hospital, and secondly ambulance services are very expensive these days. They do save our lives. But at what cost? […]

What Types of car is best for monthly car rent

Whether you are thinking about an extended vacation, planning a tour to the countryside with family, driving across the country, or simply wanting to tack on a few leisurely weekend getaways during a monthlong business trip, BD Rental offers monthly car rent and long-term car rental options at affordable pricing and easy terms. Why Monthly Car Rental? […]

Charges of Taxi Service from Airport (In Bangladesh)

Your most difficult part of your journey to a new city or country is said to be the time you spend between your destinations and the airport, but it does not always need to be as difficult as you think. The airport taxi service plays an important part in this. Half of your flight tiresome […]

Why You Should Rent a Car for Your Office Pick and Drop

rent a car dhaka

What is more tiring than a shift of continuous eight hours of work? Driving from office to home every day in city traffic for long hours. Are you facing similar problems? Do you want to escape that traffic so that you can utilize that time in a better way? Do you wish you could relax […]

How to Hire an Air Ambulance in bangladesh?

The importance of emergency air ambulance services can be e estimated from the fact that they are hired in situations requiring immediate medical attention and emergency transport. There is no alternative to these services when it comes to rescue operations in remote regions or areas where land movement is very slow. Several companies thus have […]