Buy Methandienone tablets: A PERFECT FORMULA FOR LOSING FAT AND GAINING Dianabol

Do you suffer from insomnia? These breathing Dbol will help you fight it Ferrigno focused on strict form, but that didnt necessarily mean a full range of motion. SIGN UP 8 0 Rachel Rosenfield July 23, 2022 8 Shares Pin 8 Share 0 Tweet Share Advertisement SIGN UP TO Methandienone pills NEWSLETTER Get notified about […]

Air Ambulance Cost/Price List

BD Rental provide air assistance to patients, victims, and people in remote areas in the situations of organ transplant, natural disasters, massive accidents, medical emergency, fire extinguishing, etc. That is why, our air ambulance services are of great advantage to the hospitals, rescue department, security departments, and fire force, etc. By taking advantage of our air […]

Uses of crane in construction in bangladesh

Cranes have a long history in construction works. It is one of the most used construction equipment. They are essentially used for lifting and moving materials, heavy equipment and other building elements from place to place. Depending upon there type and purpose, Cranes can differ from a simple rope pulley mechanism to a tower crane fixed to the top of a skyscraper. However, to choose what type […]

Should you buy or rent heavy equipment?

Are you confused about renting or buying heavy equipment for your next construction project? Well, you are not alone in this. Since this is a decision that can make a big difference on your bottom line. There are several advantages and disadvantages attached to the decision of buying construction equipment. In this article, we will […]

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Taxi Cab near Airport

There can be plenty of reasons to travel to a new city or country. You might have planned family vacations, an important business meeting to attend, a family gathering like the marriage of your favorite cousin, etc. No matter why you travel, you will always end up at an airport looking for suitable airport taxi […]

Types of Construction Equipment for Rent in Bangladesh

BD Rental is a trusted name when it comes to providing quality heavy equipment for large construction projects all over Bangladesh. We aim to provide the most suitable and cost-effective alternative to buying equipment. With our durable and strong equipment strength & highly trained professional team we can cater to various industry verticals like large constructions, […]

Things to Know Before Hiring a Helicopter

Flying in a helicopter is indeed an enchanting experience, but it may get a little overwhelming especially to those who are doing it for the first time. In this article, we will share everything that you should know before hiring a helicopter for a ride. Choose the Right Helicopter It is wise to search and […]

Price List of Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

The outlook of traveling and tourism around the world is changing day by day. BD Rental brings you the golden opportunity to bring your dreams to reality and touch the sky in style. Enchanting ariel view of beaches, waterfalls, valleys, mangroves, backwaters, and more. Bangladesh likes never seen it before. You can also avail our helicopter rent […]

How to Hire a Helicopter or an Airline Chartered

The level of flexibility helicopter charters offer is not commonly found with fixed-wing aircraft, that is why these are preferred for tourism, rescue operations, business calls, and VIP movements. Above all, there is no substitute for their most notable advantage of point-to-point travel. Helicopters are one of the most adaptable and Intelligently designed aircraft that […]